ClearView Window Display Indoor Transparent Display Technology

Light weight, modular and easy to install, SunRise LED ClearView displays are a unique and powerful way to maximize your advertising budget. They are perfect for large bay windows and glass storefronts. ClearView displays are up to 75% transparent, so they maintain the same unobstructed window light and visibility while displaying vivid, impactful graphics and videos. This unique combination allows for a truly impressive marketing tool.

Compact Footprint: ClearView Displays are extremely thin and lightweight making them perfect for installations where space is an issue. Their demure dimensions allow for easy transport, saving you money; while maximizing your floor-space for additional marketing.

Elegant Design: With precision milled aluminum structural supports and a transparent mounting, ClearView displays look as good powered down as they do displaying your advertising. No unsightly cables, no bulky frames and no complicated support systems.

Simple Maintanence: No tools are required allowing for a smooth and simple install, plus individual LED strips can be replaced in less than a minute ensuring little or no downtime during maintenance.

Extreme Modularity: ClearView displays are not just for window marketing; they can be ceiling mounted, free standing, or frame mounted. The module width is flexible, allowing displays to be assembled to meet most any need. Amazingly, ClearView displays are whisper quiet and can be powered, locally or remotely with several different power supply options. The power supply can be installed up to 95 feet away from the display, maintaining a streamlined and tidy installation.

Transparent: Depending on the LED Pixel/Pitch used ClearView displays (up to 75% transparent), the display structure is virtually invisible when viewed from 15 feet away. ClearView works best in windows to create the effect of vivid imagery and video appearing out of thin air, providing a myriad of advertising possibilities.









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