Indoor Live Video Curtain Series Full Color



Light weight, quick assembly, perfect for rental.

Big, bold and brilliant, there is no way your advertisements and communications can be ignored when presented on a SunRise Outdoor Live Video display.

Present your outdoor advertising with maximum impact. Stream live video, photos and communications in up to 4 Billion colors.

Programming is accomplished quickly and easily using LC Net, our innovative and powerful software.

LC Net software has network capabilities allowing connection to multiple displays running the same message or different messages simultaneously.

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Multi-display Synchronism Function new

Multiple displays not only can play different content independently, but LC Netalso can play the same content; they can even be combined as one big display to play large content. Both software and hardware support video play.

LC Net Software

Supporting multi-display: multi-display edits separately database display; table line-in; network function; background play; playing schedule multi-window and multi-task display synchronously; text supports Word,Excel; adding background music to program window; supporting all the cartoon documents(MPG /MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/SWF/RM/RA/RMJ/ASF...); abundant picture browse types; date、time、date+time 、analog clock etc, all kinds of positive-negative timing functions; calendar displays transparently; playing multi-task automatically ; supporting external program interface; video source chroma、 saturation、brightness、contrast software regulation.

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