OSS Series Outdoor Single Color

OSS 25mm

When monochrome is the choice but video / photographic quality messaging is the goal - the SunRise OSS Series delivers the highest level of performance possible in a 256 grayscale monochrome display.

Rock solid reliability, clear communications and cost-effectiveness combine to make the OSS the clear choice for budget-minded customers.

Designed to deliver high performance at a very affordable price, SunRise LED offers a wide variety of innovative models and configurations to meet both the consumer's needs and budget.

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Scalable Design:

The Live Video series is available in many configurations, from about 1 by 3 cabinets to about 12 by 12 cabinets. Contact SunRise or a dealer near you for more information on size options.

Display Capabilities:

Different controller options can allow the Live Video displays to show many types of content; text, time, temperature, database information, full-color graphics, and VGA or DVI broadcasts.

Content Windowing:

Digital content can be "windowed" with multiple planes of content—text, time, temperature, full-color graphics, or video.

Viewing Angle:

A wide 140 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical viewing angle provides many application options in many locations.

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