LED Strip Series Outdoor & Indoor Lighting
LED Strip Sample 01

CREATE YOUR OWN OUTDOOR/INDOOR LED DISPLAY! LED Strip lights are the next development in creating your very own custom LED sign.

Quick and convenient to assemble. Simply design and drill the desired hole size and snap the LED’s into place.

These LED Strips are a great solution to create unique signage. You can use them to add an accent border, create an outlined name/logo, and so much more.

LED Strip Sample 02

LED Strip lights are a great choice for anyone looking to create a custom sign or enhance decor.

Have more control over your custom design with LED fonts we are pround to offer for free download.

LED Fonts Download.

LED Strip Sample 03

Here is an example of a custom design project we manufactured for Long Beach Railroad. 81 different numbers were created using SunRise LED Strips.

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Custom Signage: With our unique LED design, you can create any shape and/or font by drilling the LED holes into the required material thickness.

Quick Assembly:

Because of the LED casing, all you have to do is just snap the LED into the drilled hole.

Eco Friendly:

No lead, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases

Beam Angle:
LED Stip Close Up

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