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Versa Poser Display


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VersaTiles ™ innovative, ultra-slim enclosures allow direct access via the front or back of the display.

Hot Swap with No Downtime  
VersaTiles™ innovative design allows the convenience of changing out modules quickly and easily even while the display is playing.
In case of a problem with any of the tiles, you can swap in a spare tile in a few minutes with no downtime.

Modular diversity
VersaTiles™ can be set up in a traditional block format or curved to form a unique display in just about any size. The modular nature of VersaTiles™ enables end-users to customize their video walls in limitless ways. From “S” curves and half circles to shapes and artistic displays, VERSATile™ sets the new standard in customer satisfaction.

Lightweight, self-contained Modules
Each VERSATile™ includes a TileCrate enclosure that measures 22.6” x 17”, and weighs just 15-19 pounds depending on weather they are for indoor or outdoor use. An onboard test button allows RGBW preview testing without connecting to an external PC or data source.

Multiple Pixel Arrays
The compact VersaTiles™ are available in 6mm and 8mm for indoor; 10, 14mm for outdoor.

Easy to Install
Each TileCrate™ framing enclosure connects modules quickly and simply. Once your TileCrate™ frame is assembled, simply place the VERSATile™ in and lock it into place with the provided hex-wrenches.

Safe and Durable
VersaTiles™ are manufactured using high impact, flame retardant ABS plastic and have a built in firewall retention feature.

VersaTiles™ are perfect for Fixed Install or rental.
Each VERSATile™ is individually boxed for easy storage and shipping. To fulfill orders dealers just pull the appropriate number of boxes out of inventory and ship. The unique packaging format also makes it very easy to transport to a job site for install. No crane or heavy lifting, just bolt the TileCrate™ together and snap the VersaTiles™ in place.

VersaTiles™ - The future of LED today.

Frame colors Options:

Black, White, Gold, Red, Yellow Custom colors

VersaNet System 2015
Product Series Pixel Pitch (mm) Indoor Cabinet Size (Inches) Frame Colors
Versa Poster2.5 2.5m Indoor 22.6" (w) x76.5" (H) x1.4" Depth Black, White,Gold, Red...



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General specifications for OSL series displays. Download Outdoor specification sheet

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