FX 200 Series Indoor Three Color

FX 216

Add colorful, eye catching presence to your business with a SunRise FX 200 LED display.

These displays store multiple messages and ads. No computer is necessary! Program messages quickly and easily using the convenient handheld remote. The FX displays both colorful text and graphics. Plus the FX comes with more than 200built-in animations and many dazzling effects.The standard colors for the FX Series are red/blue with red/green and yellow/blue available upon request.

FX 300 Series Indoor Three Color

FX 324Built to dazzle and powered to perform. The FX Series come in a variety of sizes and colors. The standard colors are red/blue; with red/green and yellow/blue available upon request.

All FC Series 325 and up offer expanded capabilities with standard SunNet Software. You can upload images and logos.

Plus, SunNet software is up-datable with free downloads to provide you the latest fonts, effects, firmware and more.

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Use the built in effects to make your message pop. Or, choose "Auto" and let the display randomly choose the effects each time the message is displayed.

Built-in Clip Art:

Give your message a custom look by inserting one or more of the built-in animated clip art images.

Play List:

Create play lists to choose which messages you want to run at a time.

Brightness Control

Select the brightness to allow perfect viewing night and day. Bump up the brightness to be sure the display can be seen in the bright daylight and down to soften the effect for night viewing.

Automatic On/Off Choose the time when you want to have your sign automatically turn on and off.

Built in Time Display the time between your messages.

Password Protected Use the optional password setting to make sure that only authorized personnel edit and changes messages displayed.
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